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    Lizzie McGuire

    Poster of the movie Lizzie McGuire

    Lizzie McGuire

    TV Series     2001     Family comedy     USA

    Lizzie McGuire has great friends, a great family and even great foes. Get inside her head and find out what Lizzie's really thinking courtesy of her funny animated alter ego. Watch Lizzie and her best friends Gordo and Miranda trying to survive junior high school without losing their dignity, while at home, Lizzie's younger brother Matt continues to torment her. Her lovable, yet sometimes clueless, parents are around to help pick up the pieces when her schemes go awry or she just needs someone to talk to.



    Hilary Duff
    Robert Carradine
    David Carradine
    Kyla Pratt
    Erik Estrada
    Kat Graham
    Frankie Muniz
    Zachary Quinto
    Doris Roberts
    Eileen Brennan
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